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What is scribblet

Scribblet is a bookmarklet that lets you scribble on any web page. It also allows yout to share your scribbles with other people.

To learn more about scribblet, please go to the following website

Known issues

  • The Internet Explorer version lacks the instruction bar found in the non-IE version (IE restricts URLs to 2083 characters which is not enough to fit the instructions in)
  • Works with Safari 4 beta on Windows, but not as a bookmarklet (for reasons unknown)
  • Often fails to email more complex scribbles due to length restrictions for mailto: form posts
  • Scribbling will select the text below the mouse cursor in Opera
  • Should do some form of compression when "exporting" scribbles
    • Compression/decompression code would make the bookmarklet even bigger (it's a trade-off)
  • Doesn't work on some websites where the site CSS interferes with the scribblet CSS
  • Doesn't work so well on sites that employ a "liquid layout" or where the website is centered.
    • The width of the browser window is exported along with the scribble itself. Unfortunately some browsers do not support resizing regular browser windows.
  • Keyboard-based user interface is a bit backwards
    • Mouse-based interface would mean more CSS which might result in more interference with the "host" page

Feedback wanted!

Please let me know what you think, what features you think are missing and what problems you have encountered.

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